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Adoptable: Rico: Courtesy Post

Age: 3 years old

Gender: Male

Breed: Rottweiler, Mastiff, American Bulldog, Bully (100% very good boy!)

Weight: 80 lbs

Personality: Where you lead, Rico will follow! This gentle giant is loyal through and through. He’s very obedient and has a calm demeanor. He will protect his people, his home, and loves to be right by his human’s side. Rico is obedient and follows directions extremely well from his person. However, he doesn’t listen to others who aren’t part of his pack. Rico feels insecure when his humans aren’t present which can lead to fear-based aggression. It’s best if he’s not in a home with cats or kids. He is passively friendly with other dogs but prefers to be the alpha.

Education: Rico was rescued at 5 months old and received 2.5 months of board and training– he is now very obedient! Since Rico loves being with his people, he does have separation anxiety. He will just be a sad guy in his crate (no destruction or whining). Overall, he’s such a good boy and just wants to please his person!

Favorite Activities: Rico’s favorite activity is to be with his people and cuddle. He’s a HUGE lovebug! Otherwise, Rico is happy doing whatever his people are doing. He loves going on daily walks and hikes but can easily relax at home and cuddle all day.

Looking for: Anyone looking for a man’s best friend who can lead him and be responsible with his boundaries. Rico has done well interacting with kids but would prefer a mellow home with teenagers and adults. He could do well with a laid-back pooch and a proper introduction but would be pawfectly happy being the only doggo. As long as he has you, Rico is a happy fella! Adopt this loyal lad today

Adoption Fee: $ 250

Please contact Nelson at arguellesnelson1@gmail.com for further inquiries.

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