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Adoptable: Poppi

Age: 4 months old

Gender: Female

Breed: Shepherd mix

Weight: 21 lbs

Personality: Poppi is very smart, she learned ""sit"" within seconds, she knows how to ""come"", ""off"", ""stay"" and we are working on ""down"" and ""potty"" on command. She has bursts of energy where she runs around and wants to play, but she also likes her nap and relaxing time. Poppi likes to cuddle but she is also an independent puppy and sometimes prefers to take a nap on her own or with her sister Pepa. She is eager to learn, always happy to meet new humans, dogs and especially children - she is very gentle with them and does not nip or puppy bite.

Education: Loves her crate, confident on the leash, working on potty training.

Favorite Activities: She loves to learn new tricks, run around in the yard and play with her sister or other puppies and of course she loves dinner time.

Looking for: A fun, active family. Poppi would love to have other dogs around and a yard she can run around and play in. Poppi likes her nap time but she would definitely prefer if her family is active and is keeping her engaged and taking her on hikes. Poppi is a very smart and easy going dog, she is happy with your company and any time you spend with her but also likes to explore the yard on her own.

Adoption Fee: $ 500