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Adoptable: Pepper, the kitty

Age: 3 months old

Gender: Male

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Weight: 2 lbs

Personality: Pepper is super resilient, he was found abandoned and alone and despite that he is the sweetest, friendliest, silliest kitten! Pepper is a high energy kitten! He wants to play with anything and everyone. He loves interacting with foster cat sibling, Chai, and will always come hangout with whatever person is in the same room as him. He will follow you around the kitchen, snuggle with you on the couch, and take naps on the coffee table. He does well at nighttime with no meowing and generally doesn't seem to have much separation anxiety. He keeps himself occupied no matter what! He is super silly and friendly.

Education: Litter Box trained

Favorite Activities: Chasing toys around, teasers/wands anything that hangs!! Always looking to play with the older cat as well.

Looking for: Pepper would do best with either a cat friend or human company just because he has so much fun when people/cats are around, but he does okay with entertaining himself as well. I think a house with kids would be really fun for Pepper. Pepper is a great cat - he's friendly and fun and will 100% make you smile and laugh every day. He is also super cute so that doesn't hurt!

Adoption Fee: $ 125