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Adoptable: Peanut Butter

Age: 2 years old

Gender: Female

Breed: Shepherd-Terrier mix

Weight: 26 lbs

Personality: Very playful after initial shyness! Super-energetic, and loves to run.

Education: Good with bathroom, crate and leash training

Favorite Activities: Loves to play chase with dogs, loves chew toys/bones, loves to be hugged/petted

Looking for: A sweet home that will spoil her like a princess! She will do best with an active family, at a home with a yard and another playful dog. I would love a family that has older children or teenagers that can keep up with my activity level.

Special needs: Currently on Fluoxetine everyday to help manage my anxiety. Occasionally take Trazadone when I go new, public places to help me feel calm and take in all of the new smells, sights, and sounds.

Adoption Fee: $ 400

You’ll go nuts about her!

Hey guys! My name is Peanut Butter and I am a 2 year old, female Shepherd-Terrier mix, about 28 lbs. I have had a long, hard journey before being rescued from Mexicali and TAP has been my savior. My foster home has made me comfortable and showered me with plenty of TLC to forget the scars of my past. I have been a good girl and have picked up good bathroom, crate and leash manners. I have been spayed too!

I am still a pup in my heart and trying to make up for the lost days of play. I can be a little shy initially, but open up to be pretty energetic and active when in the mood. My lil body holds a big heart which holds even more love! I still have a little anxiety, but my medicine is helping with that and I am blooming into a girl who is all about affection and energetic play. I love other dogs and look forward to playtimes. I also like being around older kids who can keep up.

I am looking for a family that will spoil me endlessly and have fun playtimes with me. Another playful medium sized or larger dog will be great and so will be kids! A yard to run around in would be dream come true. If you think we can make the perfect sandwich, let’s set up a picnic! My adoption fee is $400 and that includes spaying/neutering, shots, and microchip. If you want to take me home, please fill out the form on the website here: https://theanimalpad.org/adoption-application/

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