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Adoptable: Parks

Age: 2.5 years old

Gender: Male

Breed: Chihuahua mix

Weight: 12 lbs

Personality: Very sweet and mellow!

Education: Incontinent and needs diaper changes

Favorite Activities: Sunbathing, snuggling, wrestling with the other dogs, belly rubs, treats, eating in general, chewing on bones, anything warm.

Looking for: A loving home that will see his sweetness beyond his incontinence. He will need love, care and fashionable diapers!

Adoption Fee: $ 300

Who’s a good boy?!

I am! I am Parks and I am a 2.5 year old, male chihuahua mix and all of 12 lbs. Perfect lap size, you see. I was rescued from Mexico as a suspected car accident victim and I have been paralyzed from the waist down since then. But I have learnt to get around since then in my diapers and black boots to keep my toes from getting scrapped. I have incontinence so I sport diapers and get warm butt baths to stay clean. I have learned to walk and my PT says that I am the best patient ever! I mean, I was a Mexican street dog after all, and had to learn to scrape around to survive. But diapers, yeah, that’s gotta continue. My foster home has been heaven and giving me plenty of TLC. I have been fixed. I have full confidence that my angels are right around and take the lil resilient me home.

My everyday routine is waking me, and running out in my boots to get the sunniest spot to start getting Vit D! When I am outside, I get to be diaper free. When it’s cooler or wet, I find the best spot in front of the heater. I am a mellow boy and enjoy sleeping, and telling off the nextdoor doggie at times. 😉 Attention and snuggles are my jam and I will hold onto your hand in my mouth when I am being pet. I am super friendly with all dogs! I have met a kittie and we really liked each other, and I am great with kiddos! I am the sweetest lil guy and if you see my adorable personality beyond my physical disability, you will be all set!

I need a home where I will be cared for with love. Changing diapers, giving me a butt bath and some laundry doesnt take more than 30 min a day. Someone who will love me beyond all this, would be absolutely perfect! A yard will allow me sunbathing time without diapers and that’s good for my skin too. There will be vet visits(a bit prone to UTIs), but I just want someone who appreciates my lil heart and realizes that this work is worth it. If you want to open your heart to this sweetness, come and say hi! My adoption fee is $300 and that includes spaying/neutering, shots, and microchip. If you want to take me home, please fill out the form on the website here: https://theanimalpad.org/adoption-application/