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Adoptable: Madi

Age: 1 year old

Gender: Female

Breed: Shepherd-Terrier mix

Weight: 34 lbs

Personality: Very sweet and gentle! Change makes her anxious, but routine and confidence building has been helping her.

Education: Good with bathroom, crate and leash training.

Favorite Activities: Going on walks, playing and cuddling with dogs, hanging out with her people.

Looking for: A sweet and calm family who will pamper her like a princess! Patience, routine and guidance will help her build confidence. She needs a doggie buddy.

Adoption Fee: $ 500

The star of everyone’s eyes!

Hey guys! I am Madi also known by Twinkle and I am 1 year old, spayed female Shepherd-Terrier mix. I am about 34 lbs, and fit as a fiddle! I was born under TAP’s care and adopted as a 3 month old wee pup. My family was deployed and decided to relinquish me. So here I am, hope in my eyes, and no fault of my own. I am sure there is my permanent family out there who will open their home and heart. I am bathroom and leash trained, and also can stay in the crate (settling down after whining for 5-10 minutes). I can be sometimes vocal on walks with some dogs, but it’s nothing that can’t be helped with positive reinforcement.

I am a sweet and gentle gal, with lots of love for dogs. I have lived with doggie siblings at both my previous home and now foster home. I love playing and cuddling with them! I can be adaptable based on the crowd I am with, both playful with uber energy or relaxed on the couch. I love walks and I just love being with my people, as an errand or a coffee date. I have a gentle soul with a sensitive nature. I get insecure and anxious with changes, but with time and consistent routine, I do settle down as I build confidence. Lot of patience and positive reinforcement with encouragement has been helping me. Rehoming has been stressful, but I aim to come out of it like a rainbow after a bout of rain! I don’t have much experience with kids, but I know I am quite loving! I am yearning for permanence and a guiding light, and I pawmise to bring so much joy in any family!

I would thrive in a home with direction, routine and guidelines and would love a doggie sibling who can mentor me with my anxious nature. As I build confidence, patience would be key. Routine and guidance from my pawrents and doggie sibling will be so, so wonderful! If you think I can be the best companion for you, let’s meet up! My adoption fee is $500 and that includes spaying/neutering, shots, and microchip. If you want to take me home, please fill out the form on the website here: https://theanimalpad.org/adoption-application/ 

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