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Adoptable: Lucy (Courtesy Post for Babs Fry)

Gender: Female

For more info about Lucy, please contact Babs Fry at (619) 249-2221. Babs Fry is San Diego’s lost dog recovery expert and an advocate for amazing rescues.

June 6th, this sweet girl came to stay with me for a while Through Babs Fry and her rescue, A Way Home For Animals! After lots of patience, a road trip, treats galore, and lots of play time with my dogs….she is looking for her forever home!

Lucy had a wild start….like legitimately wild! To fill you in on what her journey with Sit’s Getting Real Dog Training looked like….Lucy came to me extremely fearful! Was nippy with leashing….well any kind of handling in general…far from house trained, wouldn’t leave her crate, did not play….only felt safe at night (at which point she would begin to bark because she wanted to come out of the crate and do dog things). I had to replace several sets of blinds, as she would chew through them looking for a way out! The first week Lucy was with me….she wouldn’t come out of the crate unless I left the room and closed a door behind me. At that point, she would run to potty pads, use the restroom, gulp down water, eat a little….then run back to hide in the crate!

Fast forward to now….because no one will read this post if I detail everything! We have had zero accidents in the house in over a month! Lucy girl is leash trained. She does occasionally spook, so just be prepared to POSSIBLY have to plant your feet and wait her out for like 5 seconds. Lucy is playing well with a ton of dogs I’ve thrown her way. Sleeps through the night, crate trained. Not a huge fan of pets, but does like to hang out! She knows some basic commands as well. She is calm and quiet! We even successfully did a 36 hour road trip together, on which she was an impressive little rockstar! Watching her pull towards me at pickup time after her spay surgery yesterday was quite literally one of the most special moments of my life! She will take a little time and patience at first while she adjusts to a new home, but she is quite an amazing, silly, adorable dog!!! She doesn’t necessarily need a quiet home….but children probably aren’t the best idea….though she has been around one and just kept her distance. Does well with dogs, scared of parrots, curious but appropriate….then scared of cats.

If you feel like you would like to meet Lucy, let me know! Videos and photos start with day one and go to today. 🙂

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