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Adoptable: Liz

Age: 2 years old

Gender: Female

Breed: Border Collie mix

Weight: 48 lbs

Personality: Liz is a sweet girl with a love for adventure! She is energetic and will keep you on your toes. Liz is equally intelligent as she is playful. She would love to keep mastering more commands and take on new challenges in a furever home. She is a loving, loyal companion who is happiest by her human’s side.

Education: Liz is quite the smartie pants. Even though she was rescued from the “shelter” ESLR in Ensenada, she has quickly learned new commands and shows her problem-solving skills daily. Liz loves getting outside and gets very excited, but has mastered her leash training! Liz has been able to work on her separation anxiety with the help of taking Prozac (~$5-10 for a months supply) She can now stay alone for 3-4 hours with no problems. She is a confident, playful, and active girl!

Favorite Activities: This active girlie loves running around the backyard, playing with toys, and of course– walks! She is a total sweetheart who loves spending time with her people.

Looking for: Liz would be the perfect pooch for anyone looking for their adventure buddy! She is sweet, spunky, and smart. Liz loves kids and will gently "guide" with a gentle nose nudge, as her herding breed comes out to protect her pack. Liz prefers company over being alone, but can be by herself for a hours with no destruction. Who doesn’t love a sweet fluffy shadow? If you aren’t quite convinced, check out how darn cute she is on her foster’s Instagram, and be prepared to seal the deal! @sarah76453

Special needs: She is currently taking Apoquel to manage her skin allergies (~$75.00 month supply, depends on market value and where purchased) and Prozac that has helped her anxiety (~$5-10 month supply, depends on market value and where purchased)

Adoption Fee: $ 400

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