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Adoptable: Kahlua

Age: 1.5 years old

Gender: Female

Breed: Australian Shepherd mix

Weight: 40 lbs

Personality: This sweetheart is bundles of love and fun! Kahlua adores cuddles, her toys, and her people. She has playful energy in the morning but is remedied with a long walk, run, or an hour at the dog park.

Education: Kahlua is a star student who is already bathroom, house, and leash trained. She has some mild separation anxiety when put in a crate but does fine when left alone with her toys. She prefers slow introductions with bigger dogs and then is a friendly gal! She hasn’t met any cats but is a fan of all people, adults and kiddos.

Favorite Activities: Kahlua is a well-rounded gal who likes chasing tennis balls, long walks, going on runs (is a fav at the PB run club!), playing with other dogs, snuggling, and getting her beauty rest! Kahlua is the most well-rounded dog anyone could ask for. She's a love bug to both people and dogs alike. She’s an adventurous girl who loves being active and trying new things.

Looking for: If you’re looking for your ride-or-die gal, Kahlua is the one for you. She's gotten compliments from almost everyone she's met that she is so well-behaved and an absolute sweetheart! Her ideal home could be with or without kids and would love to have a furry sibling. She is very playful and is active throughout the day with her foster sibling and would be happiest with socialization. Kahlua would also be a great pooch for anyone who has a yard for her to play and run around in– or plenty of trips to the park. She can be alone for a few hours and will always greet you with a wagging tail and a smile! If you’re somehow not convinced… check out her foster’s Insta and prepare to fall in love! @khaluas_world

Adoption Fee: $ 400