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Adoptable: Jasper

Age: 3 months old

Gender: Male

Breed: Lab mix

Weight: 8 lbs

Personality: The sweetest little man, this adventure buddy is the epitome of cuteness. Jasper would fall asleep in your lap for every nap if he could, and loves to romp around when he's awake! He's a good natured little dude who is very respectful of older dogs while loving to play. Instead of kisses he'll nuzzle his little nose on your face, and loves a good tug of war. More motivated by kudos than treats, this guy is picking up on potty training quick, and will be a mellow, well-trained companion down the line.

Education: Working on bathroom and leash training. Will need puppy lessons.

Favorite Activities: Tug of war, digging holes, and snuggles. Likes green and red pepper pieces as treats!

Looking for: An active family ready for a puppy that plays hard and naps harder! He will do great with some positive reinforcement training. He will do great with kids.

Adoption Fee: $ 700