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Adoptable: Jane

Age: 4 months old

Gender: Female

Breed: Terrier mix

Weight: 27 lbs

Personality: Jane is a playful and energetic pupper. She is super sweet and loves snuggles and to give kisses. Jane is a well behaved puppy. She can sit and shake, and sleeps through the night. She doesn’t chew on things in the home. She loves cuddles and walks. She’s coming out of her shell and starting to play more rambunctiously with her toys. She’s great with kids, but would do better with bigger kids since she will jump and nip occasionally. She’s potty trained when a yard is easily accessible. She mostly naps through the day, but has moments where she wants to play. Great in the car and has a great temperament for being a puppy. Does well around other dogs. She’ll make a family super happy!

Education: Working on leash training and is fully potty trained. She is a smart girl and knows basic commands like sit and come, but will continue to need puppy lessons.

Favorite Activities: Loves bully sticks, treats, naps, cuddles, being outside, and playing with other dogs.

Looking for: A fun and active home! She would probably do best with larger dogs in the house as she can play wrestle. She is very playful and high energy so will require a lot of play time and outdoor time. She is ok to be left alone in her crate for short periods of time. She is good with kids, but is still working on not jumping, so care should be taken with small children.

Adoption Fee: $ 500