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Adoptable: Iris

Age: 3 years old

Gender: Female

Breed: Boxer

Weight: 43 lbs

Personality: Iris as sweet as they come! She can be both lazy and cuddly as well as a super active athlete! Iris is a boxer through and through and loves to play. She adores other dogs and gets along with those of all sizes. However, since she is a ruff-and-tumble kind of gal, so she needs another pooch who can hold their own. She is beyond loving, loyal, silly, and is the best snuggle buddy!

Education: Iris is 70% house-trained and making wonderful pawgress! She is fearful on the leash and in new places. Due to her past situation, she does not like the crate and would rather sleep cuddled up by your side. She has separation anxiety and would be happier left in a yard rather than outside. She will be vocal when left caged (can you blame her?). She has a “crappy” habit of eating poop, so it’s important it’s not left around. Even though she can be a little stinker, she is incredibly smart and food-motivated! She has already learned to sit, lay down, and stay. She would love a dedicated human who can commit to helping her bloom!

Favorite Activities: She’s a lover girl who adores her people as well as other dogs. Iris is not a fan of cats… she thinks they are a moving toy! She loves running, fetching, and playing with other dogs. She is a cuddly sweetheart who is bundles of energy and fun!

Looking for: Iris came from the awful conditions at ESLR in Ensenada and is beyond appreciative of her new life. She would benefit from a seasoned dog owner who can help her get over her anxieties and work on her training. Iris loves kids but because she can be high-energy, it’s best if she’s with older ones only. She would adore a yard and another pooch to play with. So what do you say? Add Iris to your growing garden and let love grow!

Adoption Fee: $ 350


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