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Adoptable: Gus Gus

Age: 2 years old

Gender: Male

Breed: Mexi-mutt

Weight: 55 lbs

Personality: Very goofy and dopey! Is easy going and very sweet.

Education: Good with bathroom and leash training

Favorite Activities: Hugging you, getting pets, getting verbal praise, car rides, hanging with doggy friends, leash walks, naps, food.

Looking for: A loving home with lots of people to love and get love from! He is a jumpy puppy so may not be best fit for very young kids or the elderly. No cats please!

Adoption Fee: $ 350

Someone needs to take care of his belly real good!

“Take it easy, cluck-cluck.” It’s me Gus Gus, and I am a 2 year old, male Mexi-Mutt, Shepherd-Lab mix if you will, about 55 lbs. I will be neutered soon. I was rescued by TAP as a classic poster boy for TVT/S&N program, along with the Cinderella crew. My TVT had taken over my nasal cavity and causing me a host of breathing issues. But the angel vets, rescuers and my foster mama banded together to make sure I get good real quick! I have finished my treatment and ready to go home! All bathed and shiny now! I have been a great boy and am fully bathroom and leash trained. I am super easy to walk and have learnt to ignore all distractions. My house manners are impeccable.

I am a rat-ically sweet dog with a goofy personality! In a typical Gus Gus fashion, I am a ‘la-la-la’ kind of guy and sorta dopey. Not afraid of anyone, any noise, anything, and just always happy. I am an excited mouse and jump and greet and hug, as much as the other person allows. I dont chew like a naughty boy, just on the appropriate stuff and I adore being surrounded by toys! I am a great mix of fun-times and cuddly naps. I do enjoy exploring and sniffy walks are great fun for me! Now that I am getting better, my nose is getting a lot of action! I don’t need a lot of exercise, just sniffy walks daily and nose work. I dont get phased by sounds, busy areas or other dogs, so even downtown living will be fine for me. I get along beautifully with other playful dogs but not with cats and squirrels. I am good with kids too, as long as they are older and take my jumpiness well. All in all, I am a puppy in a big body and quite handsome so!

I’d be happy in a home where my belly is taken care of in a rather good way! Pet me, give me rubs and cuddle me! I would adore to be in a bigger family because I thrive off love and the more, the merrier! But I can be independent and on my own with my toys too. Since I jump playfully quite a bit, sturdy adults and older kids are better suited for me, not young ones and the older people. I’d actually be perfect for a couple looking for an easy-going, low-maintenance dog. My adoption fee is $350 and that includes spaying/neutering, shots, and microchip. If you want to take me home, please fill out the form on the website here: https://theanimalpad.org/adoption-application/

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