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Adoptable: Eclipse

Age: 3 months old

Gender: Male

Breed: Domestic Short Hair / Black

Weight: 4 lbs

Personality: He was dropped off at TAP after finder was turned away from SDHS, which would have euthanized. Having come from two foster homes—one with dogs and another with cats—Eclipse is incredibly social and gets along splendidly with both cats and dogs. His adaptable nature and friendly demeanor make him the perfect companion for any household. Whether he's playfully interacting with other pets or curling up for a nap after a busy day of fun, Eclipse is sure to bring warmth and happiness to his forever home. When it comes to temperament, Eclipse is both affectionate and independent. He loves to cuddle and will happily snuggle up with you after a day of play. He is also comfortable entertaining himself when needed. Eclipse shows no signs of anxiety; he is a confident and happy kitten who adapts well to new situations and environments. His robust health and cheerful disposition make him an ideal companion for any loving home.

Education: Litter box trained

Favorite Activities: "Eclipse has a range of favorite activities that keep him busy and entertained. He absolutely loves running around, showcasing his impressive speed and agility. Whether it's a game of chase with fellow cats or a playful romp with dogs, Eclipse enjoys every moment of it. He has a special fondness for playing with toys, particularly those that he can pounce on or bat around. Interactive toys, feather wands, and anything that moves are sure to capture his attention. Jumping and climbing are among Eclipse's top activities as well. He takes great pleasure in exploring vertical spaces, whether it's scaling a cat tree, leaping onto high shelves, or investigating new heights."

Looking for: Eclipse would thrive in an active and engaging environment where his playful nature can be fully enjoyed. While Eclipse is capable of entertaining himself, he thrives on interaction and would do best in a home where he has company. Whether it's human family members or other pets, Eclipse loves being part of an active and social household. Eclipse's energetic and friendly demeanor makes him a great fit for families with children and pets alike. His affectionate nature means he'll enjoy the attention and companionship.

Adoption Fee: $ 125