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Adoptable: DeeDee

Age: 7 years old

Gender: Female

Breed: American Bulldog

Weight: 45 lbs

Personality: Very easy-going, cuddly and couch potato.

Education: Good with bathroom and leash training. Doesn't walk due to mobility issues. Just a few steps.

Favorite Activities: Sun bathing and staring out into the streets, nuzzling for pets.

Looking for: A mellow home with lots of love and cuddles! She'd need to be the only dog and with older teens.

Special needs: Needs Dasuquin(~$70.00 for a 5 month supply) and Gabapenti (~$10.00 for a months supply, depending on where purchased and market value) for still hind legs. Needs mobility help. Will be best for a chill home life.

Adoption Fee: $ 250

The one and only! DEEDEE!

Hey guys! I am DeeDee and if you must know, I am the star of TAP right now. I am the princess that they bend over backwards for. All I need to do is flop down! I am a 7 year old, female American Bulldog and weigh a nice lump of 45 lbs. I do pack in a lot in my lil body, eh? I am spayed. I was found in TJ and rescued, and thank goodness, because I needed a soft bed asap. I was found pretty immobile but with vet care and TLC, I have regained some walking. I take Dasuquin and Gabapentin to help with the stiffness in hind end. Dasuquin is ~$70.00 for a 5 month supply and Gabapentin is ~$10.00 for a months supply, depending on where purchased and market value.

I am bathroom trained and do go outside to do my business. However, I don’t go on walks because I can only manage a few steps before flopping over. I need to be helped into the cart or the car and when I am hurting a bit more. You should have seen my loving care team carry me around! Truly made me feel like royalty! In return, I gave them as much love as I possibly could. My affection is limitless! I will nuzzle and paw to ask for pets and show my love. I love to hang out in the sun and watch the world go by. I am very easy going at home and spend most of the day sleeping and cuddling. I would rather be the only royalty at home and don’t want another dog around me. I just…can’t. Same with kitties. I have been good with respectful teens.

I would love to go home where I can have plush beds to help with my back legs and where I don’t have to walk a whole lot. Someone strong who can carry me would be ideal. I can replace your 40 lb weight for your workout! I would rather be at home (I can be alone for a while) than see other dogs outside or have to walk. But truly, if you adopt me, not a single day will go by without my crazen eyes putting a smile on your face! My adoption fee is $250 and that includes spaying/neutering, shots, and microchip. If you want to take me home, please fill out the form on the website here: https://theanimalpad.org/adoption-application/

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