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Adoptable: Cinnamon

Age: 2 years old

Gender: Female

Breed: Shepherd mix

Weight: 45 lbs

Personality: Very sweet and gentle! She will need time to settle and be her wonderful self.

Education: Good with bathroom and working on leash training. Will need separation anxiety training.

Favorite Activities: People watching from her window perch, going on car rides with her head hanging out, good tummy rubs, pets, attention and oooh puppacinos!

Looking for: An active family with lots of love and attention as an only dog and outdoor fun activities. She'd need an adults only home or with teens who can understand dog body language and not force hugs. An only dog is the ideal life for her.

Special needs: Separation anxiety training is required.

Adoption Fee: $ 400

Loyal and loving!

Hi, friends! My name is Cinnamon, and I’m a spicy 2-year-old Shepherd mix female, weighing in at 45 pounds.  I’ve already been spayed.

I’m a non-destructive type of gal, and for the most part, I am potty-trained, but I have had a few accidents here or there (if I’ve had to wait too long).  Therefore, I’d do best with someone who could get me outside for regular walks or be able to hang out for long periods outside.  As far as leash training is concerned, I am a work in progress!  With proper training and patience, though, I’ll have mastered it in no time.  Crates and me are a big no-no.  Though I do fine on my own when you’re not around (very little separation anxiety here!), I don’t like to be confined to small spaces, and I tend to get anxiety when confined or left behind in a small room. 

But, let’s get to a little about me!  I’m an easy-going and gentle girl who just wants to be loved.  I adore attention and praise, and I aim to please and bring a smile to your face.  I like to have the freedom to roam, and I absolutely thrive in the outdoors, as I love to lay on the grass and people watch.  I love playing with stuffed animals and eating peanut butter, puppachinos, and anything else yummy that you’d like to share with me. 

My favorite places to spend the day are near a window so I can see what’s going on outside or snuggled up on the couch next to you in my favorite blanket.  I love being pet and getting a good tummy rub!  Just being in your presence and feeling your touch is enough for me.  I love to take naps and to take car rides, where I enjoy driving around with my head out the window!  Other than that, I love going to parks where I can chill and be free to roam around in the grass. 

I am dog friendly for the most part and am normally super excited to say hello.  Watch for my tail, though, as it’s a good indicator as to how I’m feeling.  I’m not much of a barker, but I can be pretty vocal when I get excited or when trying to communicate to my doggie friends.  As far as people go, I just love my humans!  I can be a little shy with new people, though, but I tend to warm up quickly.  I’m a resource-guarder by nature, so I can get territorial about my food bowl.  This is mostly around other animals and not with people, so for that reason it’s probably best if I’m the only doggie in the home. About kids, I think I’d do best in an adults only home or with teens who understand dog body language and dont force hugs or cuddles.

Because I’m so easy-going, I think I’d do well in most homes.  However, I think I would thrive in an active household who could take me along on all their adventures!  Having a backyard where I could explore would be awesome, too.  But, ultimately, what’s most important to me is being in a family who can give me as much love and affection as I promise to give you!

Do we sound like a recipe for success? If so, let’s meet!  My adoption fee is $400 and that includes spaying/neutering, shots, and microchip.  If you want to take me home, please fill out the form on the website here: https://theanimalpad.org/adoption-application/

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