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Adoptable: Bellissima

Age: 2 years old

Gender: Female

Breed: Lab mix

Weight: 30 lbs

Personality: Bellissima is the absolute sweetest dog ever! She loves attention but is also independent. Every time she sees her people she happily wags her tail. Bellissima loves to snuggle and comes right up to you. She sleeps curled up next to her foster parents and takes up very little space. She's super playful and will have little bursts of rambunctiousness where she runs all fast through the yard chasing and playing with her furry foster siblings, but when she comes inside she’s calm and ready for cuddles.

Education: She’s fully potty trained! When she first arrived she had a few accidents inside, but as long as she has access to the outdoors she is good to go… literally! Bellissima does very well on the leash. She excitedly pulls a little right out of the door but the 29 pounds is easy to manage. This sweet girlie loves to be on the beds and couches and doesn't shed too much. Bellissima gets a little anxious when left alone, but having another pup around helps to keep her relaxed. She’d already learned how to sit which she now does for treats without any verbal command. Bellissima learns routine extremely fast and was quick to adjust to life with her foster fam.

Favorite Activities: Running around, lots of toys, playing with other dogs, snuggling, peanut butter, beds, and walks! Bellissima hasn’t been around cats or kids yet, but she’s such a good girl that they would likely get along!

Looking for: Bellissima would do well in a home with other playful dogs who can be her buddies. She is somewhat active—goes on walks and plays, but doesn't need to be entertained or tired out. Bellissima would love a yard to run around in and do her business. She prefers company, so it would be best if people or four-legged friends are around.

Adoption Fee: $ 350

Bellissima was rescued from the ESLR shelter in Ensenada. Making the decision to adopt Bellissima is easy because she is genuinely one of the sweetest and cutest pups! She is loving, loyal, and just always wants to be with people or other dogs. She is easy, outgoing, and adaptable. She is truly a perfect companion dog who deserves so much love from a great home and who will give lots of affection in return!

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