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Adoptable: Al Buncino

Age: 1.2 year sold

Gender: Male

Breed: Lop rabbit

Weight: 4.93 lbs

Personality: Loverboy!

Education: Good with litter box training

Favorite Activities: Loves to be held and needs companionship, enjoys grooming and cuddling with his lady.

Looking for: A loving home with bunny experience who will actually hold him and make him feel loved. He will thrive with companionship and his ideal home is with his lady.

Adoption Fee: $ 100

You want buns, hon’?

Hey hey! My name is Al Buncino and clearly I am not a dog however I try to disguise myself. I am about 1.2 years old, male, neutered, lop rabbit. I am sweet 4.93 lb lil bunny rescued by TAP with another boy rabbit, who actually turned out to be my wife and obviously a girl! We had babies before anyone knew what was going on and here I am now , all neutered and done. I have been a good boy at my foster home, sharing all the love. I am litter box trained and good at finishing my veggies.

I am a friendly little lover and adore being held and cuddles. I have a curious personality and pretty fearless. I have been friendly with my foster dog sibling too! I do love my lady and we are constantly cuddling or grooming each other, so I would be definitely happier with companionship. I am a lover boy and will need lots of love and company and someone who will hold me to show affection. Just cuz I am small, doesnt mean that  like to be ignored. I look forward to be loved forever!

The ideal home for me is one that includes an owner that is familiar with living with bunnies. If there are kids they be over 12+.The best scenario would include keeping me and the lady together because we are bonded. My adoption fee is $100 and that includes spaying/neutering, shots, and microchip. If you want to take me home, please fill out the form on the website here: https://theanimalpad.org/adoption-application/

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